The best food you will ever have.!

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The food on our retreats will be some of the best food you’ve ever tasted – GUARANTEED !

Nicole Herft has been a professional in the food industry for over 20 years and she is also one half of Mudita Yoga Retreats. That means that the FOOD is a huge priority, not an after thought or something that is going to be done for ease and value. The food will play an important role in nourishing you during your retreat. This won’t be a detox-style retreat, but we do want to keep things healthy. We will use local ingredients to create colourful, nourishing and delicious food for you everyday.

Expect a combination of modern vegetarian options throughout the week. We might also use fresh seafood if it is locally available.

Nicole wants to inspire people to have vegetarian days more often. It’s much better for our health and better for our environment.

More and more people are choosing plant-based meal options these days and that’s great !  Nicole wants to show you how easy and delicious this food can be. She wants you to forget about processed foods and start enjoying real food using fresh, quality ingredients.

After we find out from you what level your cookery skills are,  we will design the cookery lessons around what kind of food the group would like to eat. We aim to teach you as many dishes as possible during your stay with us and get you involved in the cookery process everyday. The cookery classes will involve everyone and will range from breakfast ideas right through to desserts and snacks. You will go home with a pack full of recipes that you’ve been taught during your time on the retreat.

Nicole will create the menus with you in mind. Nicole’s skills allow her to make food that not only looks gorgeous, has lots of flavour, texture and depth.

You will not be disappointed!

A sample of delicious and healthy creations by Chef Nicole