Yoga takes you into the present moment

The only place where life exists.

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Starting Yoga at a very young age has given me a unique perspective of Yoga, a different point of view to most people that were introduced to Yoga as an adult or in their late teens. It has allowed me to hold onto a childlike approach to Yoga and in doing so I believe, that this point of view, This has helped me to maintain a soft childlike quality to my mind and body when I come to practise and teach. I take my practise and the gift of being a Yoga teacher very seriously and I am mindfulness of  how I teach and share with you, my guests.

I teach Yoga concentrating on the cultivation of the three bodies; the mental body, the pranic body and the physical body.  My teachings are based in a Buddhist framework whilst also following the pure teachings of the Patanjali Sutras and the Ashtanga eight limbs of Yoga.

My Yoga teaching is not a new style of Yoga but rather does away with “styles” and represents a return to the true essence of Yoga.  I don’t want to shy away from the real training of pure yoga or corrupt Yoga to fit new age fads or easy to market Yoga.




My Aim is to help you to develop a strong, functional and beautiful body, gain control over your breath and the internal energies of the body, build calm concentration and clarity and lay a strong foundation on your Yoga journey.

What I want you as my Yoga guests to experience during our time together is “Your” Yoga journey and everyone’s Yoga is their own and different to the next person.

In order for you to know what ‘Your” yoga is, I am going to show you, my yoga, my long time friend and companion, in all its many different styles and sequences.  I will explain yoga how I see it and how I practise it and this comes with many of my little analogies and stories, I have collected along the way.


Yoga is not a mystery, I want you to see how simple it can be for you. I want to demystify Yoga and make it relatable to everyone that wishes to experience it.

Our mornings will start with an optional 7am meditation this will be a basic guided meditation and a great way for first timers try it. For regular sitters, we have created a beautiful space for your morning meditation.   Following this we have our 1 hour morning yoga class that will surely have you ready, moving and prepared for the day. Most morning classes will be either Hatha or a gentle Vinyasa class.After breakfast and before or after lunch (activity depending), we will offer a daily workshop. I will share some Yoga workshops that are a bit different to our “normal” Yoga sessions. I want to open your eyes to all the Yoga doors! I will be presenting Acro Yoga & face Yoga, which even includes making our own natural face products.

After your free time, we will be coming back to the mat in the afternoon for a 90minute Yoga class sure to build an appetite for our amazing dinners ahead. After meeting you all, I will tailor the classes to your individual needs. My focus for the afternoon classes will be on a stronger more powerful yoga session or releasing, Yin Yoga or restorative Yoga class.