Food Stylist.


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Nicole is a passionate Chef, Author and Food Stylist and has been cooking for her entire life. She is one of the lucky people that fell in love with cooking at a very young age and has managed to make a very successful career out of it. She began working as a chef at the age of 17 and went on to work in many different restaurants, covering cuisines such as Italian, Thai, wholefood vegetarian, Indian and Japanese.


Her favourite place was Decadence Health Food Café and Deli on the Gold Coast. Nicole designed both the juice bar and restaurant menus at the age of 20. Decadence had a regular crowd of atheletes and meat eaters that were totally addicted to her delicious vegetarian dishes. She got a lot of pleasure out of cooking healthy food for her clients.

Nicole moved to London in her early twenties and it was there that she embarked on the second stage of her career; Food Styling. She worked with many famous celebrity chefs including Tom Kerridge and Gordon Ramsay on a variety of cookery shows. This type of work has allowed her food knowledge to grow even more, as she worked with many different Michelin-starred chefs on a regular basis.


She now spreads her time between working on cookery books, cookery shows and has also worked on 2 foodie films. The most recent one being the film “Burnt” (2016), starring Bradley Cooper as a Michelin-starred chef aiming to get his third star. Also starring Sienna Miller and Uma Thurman. Nicole loves a challenge and preparing and plating hundereds of Michelin-starred dishes for this particular film was her biggest one yet!

Nicole is known as a juicing fiend!  Believe it or not, she takes her juicer everywhere. On shoots she will always prepare early morning pick-me-ups for her crew. So, expect a few delicious juice combinations on your retreat. It was due to her love of juicing and her love of cocktail making that brought about her 2nd book – “The Healthy Hedonist” published last year for Kyle Books. It’s a healthy cocktail book that removes refined sugars and sugary mixers and replaces them with fresh fruit and vegetables instead. These cocktails are sure to give you more of a health kick and less of a hangover.

Nicole and Kim have known each other since their late teens and joined forces to create an unforgettable retreat experience. Nicole is passionate about sharing her food knowledge with you, so that you can integrate her cooking tips into your everyday life with ease. She loves to encourage people to cook at home more. Her belief is that if you are preparing the majority of the food you eat, then it is always going to be healthier and better for you. She’s not a fan of dieting – just eating delicious food, prepared with love.